Matters Arising

It is hoped that there will be feedback for this site and at present it is planned to publish any response so that it can be associated with the original publication, e.g. a page for anything connected with Colonsay Cornucopia of September 2014.

The present page is here in case there would be anything arising from the initial 5 articles that started the site.

Re. Colonsay persons who served in WW1 and survived: Prof. Sheets identifies some of the persons mentioned e.g. Edward Brown was born 10 February 1895; Malcolm Brown on 6 March 1890; and Angus Brown on 24 July 1896. However, one or two are problematic - can one confirm that Alexander (Sandy) McAllister was the husband of Hester McNeill Buie and an uncle to Para Mor? [Yes, I think so - KB]. There is a reference to Malcolm McNeill, again hard to identify as there were three of that name, born 1881, 1886 and 1888. Finally, was Captain Angus Campbell RAMC born 14 December 1890 (to Archibald Campbell and Jane Weir, living in Balnahard 1891 and Kiloran 1911) or was he the later one, born 24 Fenruary 1901 (to Malcolm Campbell and Catherine McNeill).




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